Radiator Swap in Kingston

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Radiator Swap in Kingston The client provided the new radiator to swap and I was very pleased that they had measured the pipe centres before buying the new one. Bravo!! The problem with the old one was that the welds between the horizontal bars and the verticals bars were not made well. Unfortunately these Chinese ones are cheaply made and there is a huge profit in them, so they will be continued to be sold in the UK. They need to live in a well ventilated bathroom, but with constant wet towels hanging on them they will suffer. I have also included a photo of the quality of the water that came out of it, which you will find in all systems. Its those pieces that you do not want getting into the boiler and a Magnetic filter will help prevent it. The new one wasn’t difficult to install, but the 1/2” female threads are machined large so you have to pack the male valve threads with an obscene amount of PTFE tap. After installation, it was filled, air and tested. It still leaked. So more PTFE was added and all ok.