Macerator Repair Ealing

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Macerator Repair Ealing I was called out to a 10 year old Macerator that would turn off and was backing up through the Shower. Now I don’t normally touch these, due to the health hazards involved, but this was a one off. I was able to identify that the micro switch and diaphragm needed replacing. Also it seemed that the waste pipe run to outside was blocked. That area in the house was been renovated so I was able to gain some access to the Macerator. After the Macerator came out and opened, I found that the unit and suffered from a build of calcium, so all of that was removed. The Micro switch and diaphragm were installed and put back together. The unit then worked but the water was still backing up. So I replaced the waste whole run to the outside soil stack. On closer inspection of the old waste pipe, I found that it was the wrong plastic and fittings used!!! These could have quite easily come apart dumping ‘you know what’ under the floor boards.