HeatLine Chiswick Boiler repair

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HeatLine Chiswick Boiler repair I was called out to boiler that was leaking. The tenants couldn’t work out exactly where from but every morning found a pool of water underneath the boiler. Sounded odd, but on closer inspection, I found that the Hot Water flow turbine seal had deteriorated and was leaking. Unfortunately I could repair it there and then as a part needed to be ordered. So once that was received I returned to fit it. Due to the Calcium build up, I found it difficult to remove, but once it got going it unscrewed easily, until it hit the Gas Valve. So the Gas Valve had to come out. Once out the new Flow Turbine went in ok, even though the design had changed slightly. I tested that piece before the Gas Valve went back in and was leak free. The Gas Valve then went back and tested for leaks, all good. Took about an hour for the fix and test.