South Ealing Radiator and Boiler installation

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South Ealing Radiator and Boiler installation I was contacted via Checkatrade to take a look at the whole Central Heating system, which had failed in a big way. Due to poor maintenance, the Boiler Air Vent was sealed shut due to the Expansion vessel having no charge. So the expansion was happening in the radiators. Also the Central Heating had no inhibitor present so corrosion was taking place. Over time this ate away at the radiators spot welds and leaked water everywhere, even into the flat below. So after working out the probable cause, I dried and air pressure tested the Central Heating System to make sure there were no leaks under the floor. Passed. The client eventually decided to replace the boiler as the original one was passed it. So I replaced the boiler with a newer Condensing Ideal Logic Plus and the client bought new radiators with my guidance. This allowed us to bring the Central Heating up to current standards with Thermostatic radiator valves. All sorted, but one of the worst fails that I have seen.