Ealing Bath Shower Mixer upgrade

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Ealing Bath Shower Mixer upgrade The clients who I have done work for before, never used their Bath Filler and would do if it had a handshower function available. So I put forward a thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer option with handshower and they like the contemporary aspect of it. Installation was not straight forward and I had to play it by ear as there was no way of telling how the old valve was put together. The tile was in the way. I tried to work around the tile, but it had to come off. The old valve was definitely installed by someone who had been plumbing for decades as hemp was used and it was not coming apart at all. I had to back to the next exposed joint and thankfully they were available to work from. I was then able to install the new plumbing to take the new Bath Shower Mixer, attach a new tile and then the Bath Shower mixer. The top tile trim was now obsolete, but was able to make a current one work. Certainly not an easy job but the client was aware of this from the start.